Electric scooter stuck in reverse gear. Please help


Mechanics and IT jobs are same nowadays. :smiley:



I suspect there is no reverse gear on the thing. It’s just a jammed drivetrain. Reverse gears on electric scooters aren’t common although there are some.


Next time, cut the red wire … no the blue one, wait the red one, darn it was the blue one!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is it possible that you reversed the battery leads or have a faulty “ignition” switch?



Yeah. This was my first thought! I’ve neither heard nor seen of this function.

Glad you got it figured out. That scooter-related issue is a new one, in my books. I’m not mechanically-minded so, not to disparage your technical prowess in any way, I can put myself in your shoes. I would have been scratching my head until I hit bone.


you had the battery in the wrong way. reverse polarity. Surprised any of the instruments worked.


First, remove the hair!
Doesn’t switching wires solve a problem like this? Probably not, although if there are no electronics involved it could.

  1. No hair to remove.
  2. Issue seems to be related to the electronic nature of the scooter. If she did nothing (like switching wires or messing with the hardware) it seems to be a software issue.
  3. Any insights for others on how the grease monkeys managed to “reboot” your scooter could be informative to other readers.

Thanks :grinning:


Indeed. It has always worked for the good doctor, when the future of the humanity is threatened:




Reset and switch!


So you drove 5km (forward), stopped at a 7-11, and suddenly it only goes backward.

Who was messing with your new scooter? You didn’t happen to see a bunch of snickering boys on a nearby corner, did you?


The guys flying the drone? Hacked?


I had the exact same problem. It’s easy to fix.
Just drive it in reverse.
Ride for 5 k, and stop at another 7.11
Then restart your engine.
Problem solved.


I am home

Quite a few lessons learned today

First, speak clearly and firmly when buying second hand stuff
I asked for a one-week after sales service, and the seller agreed

Sorry for him. He had to buy a new charger 500 NT
and take the taxi to find me… and fix the bug… another 500 NT
I promised him already that I was not going to bother him again

Then, the mechanical part
When the bug happened, I looked at the whole machine
Quite simple structure and functions
How come was it stuck in reverse?

A bug, simply a bug.
I certify I did nothing special and/or weird
I did unplug and replug the battery
Now I know I have to do the same for the motor

Good lesson about the forum and you. Yep, thank you.
I mean we did not fix it together
but I noticed you brought some ideas
and jokes too, I agree, it truly sounds silly
You ride. You park. You switch on… It goes reverse… Erm!

I felt support from the Forumosa community

By the way, I am ‘he’, not ‘she’
Is it because the scooter looks feminine?
White like snow, I already called it ‘Snow White’
Come on, baby, let’s ride!

Did I mention I really enjoy the ride?
smooth, slow and steady, no rush, peaceful
compared to motorcycles and cars, stressful as hell
this ride is like a walk in the park
well… with the fumes from others of course

Ok, thanks again. Case closed


He’s are expected to bend recalcitrant machinery to their will by pure animal force :blush:


FWIW, the Gogoro 2 has a reverse thingy. It’s a little trigger on the left grip. It’s occasionally useful for getting out of tight parking spots on slopes, and such.


How does he have any obligation to actually follow through with this?
I’m very surprised he came and bailed you out tbh.


this just goes to show that mechanical machines are almost always better. google Tesla stories lately of owners after their first year of warranty are now having to fix their own cars.
wait until you wreck/damage your electric scooter’s frame. replacement part maybe 30% cost of new one.



Dunno. The submarine scooter here in Tainan cost only 400 NTD to fix. This ain´t Kansas.


… and such as circus acts!