Electric scooter stuck in reverse gear. Please help


Right now
I am sitting on my newly bought electric scooter
And it is stuck on reverse gear
How to unblock?



I don’t see any gear and/or switch
I turned it on and off a few times
I also unplugged the battery


Get a Gogoro!:thinking:


It is not going to help me go home now


Don’t see any button either. Couldn’t you just ride backwards?


what brand?




Uh. Scooters have a reverse gear?

I could maybe see one on a Honda Goldwing or some other godzilla bike. But a scooter?


There must be a mode switch somewhere.


It just will not move forward
Only reverse




Have you personally ever witnessed this scooter going forward?


It’s my first ride
I rode for 5 k
Easy and smooth
I stopped at a 7.11
And then
As i restarted


The seller is here


This happened to my father with his newly bought van off of craigslist back in the states. He decided to drive it home in reverse (2 hour drive). As a kid it was one of the most traumatic experiences, especially when stopped at a red light and staring at the guy in the car behind us going “:thinking:”.


I assume you’ve tested every switch on the scooter, and no forward. Right?

Hopefully the seller can solve.


There’s not many switches on it…key position?


The seller called a mechanic
The guy looked and laughed
He rebooted the engine
I mean
Unplugged and replugged
The power cables of the motor
It works

Good lesson today

Thanks for your help

But now… time to go home