Electric water heater switch won't stay in ON position

Call the landlord, get somebody to fix it, take it off your rent, save the receipt.

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I guess I’ll send a message.

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The switch says “circuit breaker”.

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Ours went a similar way two years back, it was the element burnt out, the switch on the heater is a residual current circuit breaker, It is detecting a short in the element. Suggest a new element, easy to replace or get someone in to do it only cost us about NT2,500

A friend was saying that it is probably not worth it repairing it, that a second hand one can be cheaper and better. Dunno, will contact that landlord (landlady) at some point.

It’s been 16 hours. Have you gotten that thing fixed yet, or a you going showerless?

Haven’t talked to her yet, I just took colder showers. They say it’s healthy! And it’s hot anyway…

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Hoping it’s just the switch. Enjoy the cool showers in sweaty weather. Remembering it well. :beers:

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A RCD protection circuit is probably tripping due to a short circuit or exposed wiring. Not a DIY job for non-professionals.

I’d say just replace it. But you might want someone to install it.

The RCD may actually be doing its job to prevent current leakage.

I’ve been always amazed by how shitty the cables installation is.

That is certainly the correct assumption