Electronic dictionaries

Are English to Chinese electronic, speakable dictionaries made? If yes where can i get me one of those?

Everywhere… You can try the department stores, but they might be more expensive. Anyplace that sells electronics seems to have them.
They’re designed for the native English speaker, but they are still quite useful to beginning-intermediate students. I would DEFINITELY recommend getting one with a pen input method; otherwise you will have a very hard time finding characters that are new to you.

Littleiron, you meant they’re designed for native Chinese speakers, right??

As I’ve posted elsewhere, get a Palm Pilot or similar and the Oxford E<>C dictionary for it. Smaller package, looks cooler at coffee shops. :laughing:

Ha ha… ooops… I guess I wouldn’t be one of them…

Also check for “one button pronunciation lookup” or something like that, so that when you find a Chinese character, you can get the Romanization or bopomofo with t he touch of one button. Otherwise it’s very time-consuming.

The problem is that this doens’t seem to be a feature that the Chinese really want, so it’s been phased out of some of the newer models. The old Besta CD-65 was good for this, but the newer CD-67, that has pen input, is more complicated in that regard. Anyway don’t be shy and spend a good amount of time at the department store counter trying it out (then go to a discount store to buy the thing!)