Electronic Store Websites

Hi all, :slight_smile:

Coming to Taiwan soon and need to get myself a camera, was looking at the Fujifilm HS10, but can’t find any website in Taiwan to get an estimated price.

Can anyone help me out on a few website with electronic goods AND the prices. :pray:

Even better if anyone maybe is going down to a market and can maybe look at a price for me on that camera (a long shot I know :whistle: )

Thank you!

Try this:

In Google advanced search select traditional Chinese in the language field and then keyword search these terms:

Fujifilm HS10 NT$

I found prices in the range of NT$14000 to NT$17000 for this camera. I am not recommending a site since I don’t shop for things (nothing this big anyway) online in Taiwan. Here’s one reference source, however –

findprice.com.tw/datalist.as … IFILM+hs10

Good luck. It looks like a nice camera.