Electronics trash disposal

Ya, I think they take anything electronic. Batteries are separated.

it’s magical :heart_eyes:

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Thought you might like it :grin: I drove by today for a pic because they are off work sundays. I dont want to be that weirdo foreigner spying on garbage piles in my hood. Not during weekdays!


At least one of these TVs must still work. What a waste.

Yeppers. I bet we can say what a waste at a lot of dumps. Truly, potential lost. But we are certainly an insanely wasteful species. I respect the dumpster divers.

I like getting stuff from the dump. I have used many an old fridge as shelves. They seal and help keep the wildlife out of the fertilizer. Too bad I am a tech idiot, I bet there are some goodies in there!


I humbly accept the respect.


Marco. saw one in kaohsiung. this looked like a private recycling spot. Was near Arkansas Diner if I remember correctly.

Enjoy the hunt!

The difference in organizational skills between private, for profit, and public free service is quite amazing.

Free to take? :heart_eyes:

Doubt it, it is a private recycling place. the kind that pays people for their recyclables. probably only the gov ones could possibly be free. Didn’t ask though.