Electronics trash disposal

Where do we dispose of old electronics? I have an old laptop and a desktop that are beyond repair, and I can’t find where to throw these away.

Our local dump (where the recycle truck unloads) has a section for electronics . Computers, fans, tv, lamps etc.

Can’t you just give them to the recycle truck? That’s what I usually do with stuff like that, although whether it actually gets “recycled”, I’m not sure.

Thanks for the replies. I did fond a solution. However it would be great to understand the normal way to do this. I can see several people have asked how to do this
My recycle people wouldn’t take it and I don’t know where the actual place is to take this stuff

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That’s weird. I’ve given them all sorts of electronics trash and they take it without comment.

Are you in Taipei?

Just set it where the truck will come an hour early and it will be gone.

Trucks should take it. Might be a taipei thing, they are waaaaay more strict than the rest of taiwan it seems.

Call their hotline (truck will give you the number, tell them you want to arrange a time for pickup or want to drop off yourself). I forgot the number. then just drive there and see how that sorting station works and see where to dump.

private collection companies will vary, I am talking about government collection.

If you are in Taipei City, the recycle trucks only take e-trash on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights.


Thanks. Reading this, it looks like I have to register prior to taking it to truck. Am I reading this right?


Very strange. Sounds like @quandary’s post could explain the issue. Or maybe your recycle guys are just making up their own rules.

Call the hotline for the rules. Go in person with the audio recording :slight_smile:

7-11 used to have this program that they buy electronic trash in exchange for vouchers.


Wait for neighbors to put old chairs or couches or mattresses on the side of the street then add your gear next to that.

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There is no requirement for registration in advance.

They should not have refused to take it, according to this:


Technically that is a non. they register a trip to come pick stuff up based on quantity. A few bags wouldnt matter, but I wouldnt get carried away. They often take pictures at pickup for the record. If someone were to dump something not cool, that person would pay the price.

talking about oversized load pickups on street side, not electronics.

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Good to know. Thanks.

I’m not a fan of leaving trash around. I know they are supposed to pick up, but it would bother me to keep seeing it on the side of the road until they do.

here is a pic from today. the inside area is for more valuable and common recycled stuff like cans and bottles.

wow. even tube tvs.