Elementary school recommendation for grade 1

We are going to move to Kaohsiung in august and looking for a elementary school for my 6 years old son (will be grade 1), his mandarin is not good but want him to improve his mandarin, which schools fo you recommend except overpriced international schools ? Public and bilingual schools would be good.

Probably should first consider where to live based on your interests, such as, just for example, which district, near an MRT station, near HSR, etc.

If I were you, stick to Aozidi Park and northward into Zuoying.
Why? All convenient modes of transit (MRT, light rail, HSR) and a bit higher in income, and thus better public schools.

Yes we are planning to move zuoying or nanzih district. But actually we plan to move where is good /suitable school is available. So are these schools ok for the kids has little bit mandarin ?

Just generally, regardless of where you are in Taiwan, if you are hoping that your child acquires any level of mandarin competency, send them to a public school. Don’t mess with “bilingual” and “international” schools, as your child will become the English model child and won’t have any opportunity for interactions in mandarin. No, the public school will probably not have much support for mandarin as a second language, but it will be better than sending them to an “international”/“bilingual” school, which will dumb down Chinese for your child to a sad, sad low level.


Then do Zuoying. Cleaner area than Nanzhih, which is more industrial, relatively.


My personal opinion. Pick the school first then get your registration in that area as that’s what the gov looks at for being able to attend. A commute is far better than a shit school, all thing considered.

Personally I think Nanzhi is a horrible place. I avoid it like the plague. Aozhidi area is probably one of the better places in kaohsiung. Less heavy industry (still polluted though) and generally a wealthy community and is insanely convenient now so far as transportation and buying stuff goes. Schools will still need to go to interview in person and try and meet people with kids there to get a real idea of the quality of the staff and the general environment. But if I were to wing it from out of country, my money would be on that area.

We live in Zuoying 10 mins from HSR, TRA, & MRT. There are two Elementary schools within a 15 min walk of our den (see the map) also plenty of open spaces and parks. More PX than we can count and some new builds going up.

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Can we register any school once we move to there ? Can they say, no place anymore etc. After we register that area ?

It depends on your registered location. Unless foreigners are different? But generally speaking your school options are tied to your Household registration. Which is why it is so common for people to have their kids legally registered living with family members elsewhere, to get into better schools. One of the many reasons the system is flawed. But that’s how it is for now. What I am not sure about is if you guys (parents) are both not taiwanese, if the schooling registration follows the same “logic” and your schooling options are tied to the address on your visa. A tip though. Changing a foreigners address on a visa is nearly as easy as going to buy a coffee. It is much more problematic to change proper household registration for taiwanese. For us foreigners, immigration just wants to track you, has no interest in tax, landlords etc. If I remember right it’s 100 dollars and maybe 20 minutes and they give you a new card with new address and bibs your uncle. I’m not suggesting at all how easy it is to rent a $2000/month shit hole and switch your visa to that address and get your kid into a better school than may be available in the area you would prefer to live. Or ask a friend. That would be unheard of in Taiwan :joy:

To be honest, I’m not sure how it works for foreign parents, as my wife is taiwanese and the kiddo follows that sides household registration. Moat of our circles are taiwanse as well, so can’t speak much for both parents being non citizens. Officially speaking, they pay pretty much no attention to me until they want an English or foreign type thing for their school :roll_eyes:

We moved to be in a better environment and schooling system. Good housing is available everywhere, driving is easy everywhere. Good schools with good staff are far harder to find than nice housing and a car.