Elephant Mountain Hiking (Xiangshan)

Anyone have a good digital map or link?

They should rename it to Nightmare Stairs Mountain. Went up there today. There are almost no hiking paths, only stairs and stairs and stairs, oh, and stairs.

As are many of the ‘hiking’ paths in Taiwan, concreted over!

I did this a few years ago. Never been up another stair since :thinking:
After almost surviving the climb , I was expecting more.

I did it on a new years eve some years back to get a good spot for making pictures, never again! I was about 24 hours late, as some had camped overnight I guess.

I use OpenStreetMaps for all hiking trails, from PC you can check OpenTopoMap to see the elevation as well. On the phone - Maps Me.

Walking from Xiangshan farther to WuZhiShan (or MuZhiShan, sorry, forgot the name) is actually quite pleasant. Stairs and pavements are just Chinese style hiking.

For some more wild hikes try Teapot Mountain (still a lot of stairs) or WuLiaoJian near SanXia.

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muzha shan is amazing. not far from xiang shan so its kinda a similar but higher and more impressive view.

For a minimum of stairs, try the hills behind Maokong. Depending on your direction, you can reach Houshan (Monkey mountain), Bijiashan (Pen-rack mountain), Erkeshan (Second-rank? mountain), and/or various places in Xindian. Or just climb the three hills that overlook Maokong. There are marked trails, and a couple of fixed ropes, but stairs mainly at lower elevations near the street.

Or go to Shiding and take the route to Bijiashan from there. You’ll mostly be climbing up and down craggy hills for four to six hours. You can wimp out anytime and climb down to the mountain road parallel to the hills.