Elephant Restaurant

Elephant Restaurant is a reasonably priced place serving a variety of Western dishes, since 1996.

All our food is sourced daily & is guaranteed to be fresh & not precooked or from frozen. All our guests agree that they can certainly taste the difference.

Our menu includes:

Chips Cheese & Bisto gravy
Variety of Pastas
Grilled chicken kebab
Variety of Pizzas
Thai dishes.
Meal Deals…

We have currently moved location to No.208, Sec. 3, Taiwan Boulevard(No.84-10, Sec. 2, Taichung Port Rd) opposite Top City Department store.
Tel: 0923-691953.

台灣大道 3段 208號(中港路二段84-10號)

Feel free to check the menu & pictures on Facebook at: facebook.com/elephantdish

Look forward to seeing you there.

For the past 8 months artists have been using our second floor to display their work. An exhibition can last 1-2 months depending on what is on display.
We at Elephant encourage this idea, as it offers a changing environment for our guests, as well as an opportunity for local artists to showcase their work & maybe make a sale or two.

If any person is interested in displaying their work please PM myself or contact the restaurant & we will be happy to arrange a free exhibition for yourself.

Best Wishes.

We have just expanded our menu & now includes a variety of smoothies, milkshakes & other main course specials.

Summer Specials

For the next couple of months, Elephant as a summer promotion will be offering:

:lick: Chips with chili & cheese.
A large helping of chili over melted cheese $180

:discodance: Stowford Press Apple cider for $100

:bravo: Haagen Dazs vanilla milkshakes for $150

Best Wishes.