Elevator Kills Man in Yilan University

He was only going from first to second floor. Elevator started moving as he is walking out and the doors are still open, trapping him as elevator descends and crushes him.
Graphic video…

I haven’t seen anything in local news.

Looks like the elevator doors have no mechanism to stop when someone is inbetween the elevator doors. But this one seems to have started going down before the doors closed.

I’m betting the maintenance crew broke something and just said cha bu duo.

It happened some time ago. Or it happened agin. Unfortunately, not that uncommon kind of accident.

I remember reading the story below and thought how horrible it must have been for the other person trapped in the elevator with the (partial) accident victim.

As Icon mentioned, this isn’t a one-off incident, as the above article mentions others. And now this time in Taiwan. shudder