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What do professional hairdressers know about hair that most people do not?The answers are–The right haircut, perfect products and the correct information!
With these you can have almost any kind of style you would like.
I have worked as a hairstylist and colorist for the past 18 years. Also, I am knowledgeable and experienced in creating hair styles with low maintenance Balayage,Ombre,Handpainting, Keratin Treatment etc.


The word “Sombre” combine “soft” with “ombre”.
It is more natural looking than ombre highlights. Roots are left their natural color ; then a slightly lighter color is added, with a soft transition between the colors.
You’ll probably need a touch up every few months.

You know sombre means sad, dark or dull. Right?

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Hey, goths need hair styling too.

Then sombrero can only mean “sad meat”…

All I want is a decent fade.

Alas, this place looks way too highbrow for rabble like me.

We’ve been told that dyeing hair is damaging to the natural hair texture…However, with new technologies and formulas, colouring your hair can result in a healthier-looking hair which appears fuller and fresher colour.

Hi Everyone. Humid weather and harsh sunlight turns hair into an uncontrollable birdnest. Get a Keratin Treatment makes your hair more manageable and smoother. It lasts for 3 months!!