Elmore Leonard

I have seen quite a few of the film adaptations of E L.

But what are the best novels to get started?

52 Pick Up is awesome. Others… meh.

Hombre is the only one I’ve read. It rocks! Plus, I have the movie on DVD.

Forget Leonard. I have a couple you can have. Can’t remember the names. Instead, get some Kinky Friedman (crime writer extraordinaire and former frontman of Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys). I got some of his stuff as well you can have. Oh, and he’s running for Texas governor in 2010.

I liked the whole Rum Punch, Maximum Bob, Get Shorty, Be Cool period of his writing.

so the overall consensus is he is OK la?

and cheers Sandy, I’ll take you up on that. I have to admit when I visit your gaff, I’m more than a little jealous of the Sandman library.

I don’t know if all of his books are like that, but Hombre was written in a very simple fashion. No big words or complex sentences. It’s easy to read in one sitting. It reminded me of The Postman Always Rings Twice. I don’t know who wrote that one.

Well from what I read on wikipedia re: his writing style, I’d say Hombre sounds typical of him.

This is pretty much right from my experience reading him. He’s fun and easy to read. Also, his male characters take a bit of a Hemingwayesque tough guy ilke that is pretty fun for the most part. Guys involved in some shady business, but not so much that they have lost their sense of honour. Good, fun reading! :thumbsup:

I haven’t read any of E.L.'s books but he has featured my Mom and Aunt as characters in his books (not sure which ones). See, my Uncle has been best friends with him since he was in Elementary school. He is the god father of his kids.

That is a pretty damn good claim to fame it has to be said