Email addresses with underscores=no junk mail


It’s true. If you have an email account (like hotmail or yahoo) with an underscore in it, you don’t get junk mail!
I just heard that and noticed that two email accounts I have, which have underscores, don’t get a lick of spam. Although, the old one I have gets at least 10 a day, even though my junkmail filter is on high.
Supposedly, when they run codings, (spam artists), they cannot run them as successfully with the underscores.
so…that’s useful info, just wanted to share it.


I have a yahoo account with an underscore in the user name, I get spamed.



I have a hotmail with an underscore, and it too gets a lot of spam!!!

I think the real issue is how much you “publish” your email address around the net. My whole reason that I have this hotmail account (with the underscore), is because I use it whenever registering for anything online.

I only give my real email address to friends and working collegues (as a rule), and for forums (like this one), where I’d really like to be informed to my real address when I get a reply to my postings!


yeah, that’s why I hate it when forums (like this one) require you to give an e-mail address - it just leads to more spamming. I am extremely careful with my main account but I still get spammed by a couple of annoying companies I can’t block (because the e-mail comes form a website rather than an address or the address changes suffixes every time). Another way you can get spamming is if people send you greetings cards (I’ve especially had this prob with Chinese greetings cards). The comapny then uses your address for spam.



Bri, it’s only required so that you can have your password sent to your email account automatically, should you forget. All registered users have the option of hiding their email addresses, and, we don’t release the addresses to anyone, so you can’t be getting spams because you’ve registered on ORIENTED.

quote[quote] All registered users have the option of hiding their email addresses, and, we don't release the addresses to anyone, so you can't be getting spams because you've registered on ORIENTED. [/quote]

Are you sure? Might not some fiendishly clever companies have created a bot that sneaks into wherever you store the e-mail addresses and steals them? And when new people sign on they don’t know that Oriented is a benevolent group who wouldn’t dream of using your e-mail address for other purposes the way other forums might.



Here on GNU/Linux I use procmail so I can create all kinds of e-mail filtering rules.