Email conspiracies?

Has anybody ever gotten one of those ‘please forward this to twenty people or your email account will be closed’ letters?

I, for some reason or another, seem to be a ready receipient for these strange phenomenons. I was also curious about the nature of these emails, because its obvious that they are not from the server administration and you will not in anyway lose your account. And yet, the insides of these letters list the hundreds of souls who have been duped and the “friends” they have taken down with them.
So what I have to ask is this: Do you think that these chain letters are a conspiracy and sham perpetrated by Spam companies who are looking to find valid email addresses to add to their junk mail list?
…I think it might explain why my junk folder is bombarded by at least 50 letters a day with no possible explanation.


Whenever you register for anything online, whether a news site or a simple questionnaire, your address is often sold or traded amongst similar dotcoms. If you don’t like receiving inordinate amounts of junk mail, do not use your real address when you
register, make one up. If you must use a real address, like to receive a password, for example, create a dummy hotmail or yahoo account which you can use strictly for such purposes.
And always remember to uncheck the boxes which ask if you’d like to receive their daily/monthly/weekly updates, etc.

This is what I’ve been doing for years, and I have few problems with junkmail.