Email notifications


I am not getting my email notifications!

Any remedies?

My settings are OK

This started today?
I’m still getting mine

Have you checked in your junk mail? Mine usually go there.

Yes I have checked the spam can, as they used to end up there, no matter how many times I told the yahoo spam filter not to touch them.

The problem has persisted for 4-5 days.

I’m having similar problems but it’s been forever, since before the recent changes.

Before the change my notifications would go in my inbox. After the change, they started coming to my bulk folder. (yahoo)

The problem I’m having is that the odd times, I don’t get any notifications or sometimes the notification comes really late. Like the next day after a reply was posted.

I often think it has to do with the fact that I’m browsing the forum while logged off in which case the system doesn’t recognize that it’s me so while I did read the thread in question, the system awaits for me to login and visit that thread before sending me further notifications.

This said, I think sometimes the problem is not just that because I’m pretty sure that it happens even if I browse while logged in too.

I have this problem on average once a week and it doesn’t affect all the threads I post in, only the odd one.


I think that it’s yahoo sorting them off. I am growing increasingly unhappy with the service they offer in that regard. There I am, marking them off as not spam, so I jsut get them in my inbox, and then… dammit. In the bulk folder or not there.

I did solve my problem - by changing email address to a non-yahoo one.

[quote=“Mr He”]I think that it’s yahoo sorting them off. [/quote]That actually makes good sense come to think of it because at about the same time my notifications started going to my bulk folder, the spam started to invade my inbox. :s

Not that long ago I started using emails, I had never even had an email account before, never had a computer and didn’t know a thing about it. I stupidly clicked on a message that said something like “Winner! Cheque Enclosed”. I so regret it. It was some internet lottery scam and since then I’ve received incredible amounts of spam, mostly all from this online lottery crap. I even wrote to them and asked politely to be removed from their list. I wrote again telling them they are wankers. No replies, just more spam. I now get 15 to 20 of them daily and just recently(about the same time my Forumosa reply notifications went from inbox to bulk) they are coming straight to my inbox. The message titles include my full name and the city I live in. (Kaohsiung) :fume:

And you think you’re annoyed with Yahoo… :wink:

Anyways, that’s maybe off topic a bit. Did you have to contact admin to change your recipient email address? Can they do that? I’m asking because I now use Gmail and I think I’m about to do the complete shift. I’m sick of deleting 20 spam everyday and maybe it would also help the email notification issue.


You can jsut go to the member center and do it there.

You will have to reactivate your forumosa account, however, that’s a 30 second snap.