Embarrassed neighbor

Our neighbor has a debt? And apparently a big one.
How do I know this?
Because next to my place there is an empty lot with that light green construction sheeting around it.
Somebody has gone and plastered bright pink and yellow notices the full length of it with the guys’ name, I.D.#, address, and the information that he owes money.
Over the past week they have put up more and more of these flyers.
He lives on the 10th floor. Hope it doesn’t drive the poor guy to suicide :frowning:

So who would be responsible for taking these notices down? Certainly the guy who owes isn’t going to come out and do it as he’d probably get his arms hacked off.
The cops apparently don’t care either as they drive buy each day and all the notices are still up.

He should pay up, no? Or failing that, do a runner to China.

I wonder who is putting them up… is it a personal debt (loan shark or gangsters) or some bank? I have heard ugly things about debt here, like if you screw up your credit it’s screwed for life, there is no declairing bankrupsy and deffinatly no period afterwhich you are forgiven. Or so one of my Taiwanese friends told me, he said if you default on a loan or soemthing that’s it, your screwed no loans or credit or anything ever. :astonished: I never bothered to have it verified but given some of the other silly rules I wouldn;t be surprised/

My guess is it’s loan sharks. A bank wouldn’t run the risk of a lawsuit doing something like that. It’s probably just the beginning of his nightmare.
I agree, running to China or pay up. But if he has family left behind they get attacked next.

Banks aren’t allowed to do that. It was put into “law” as part of the new credit card debt programme. They would have done it in the past… hire a bunch of thugs to extract the money, but not now I doubt. Probably gangsters. Don’t park under his window. And get a smoke alarm in case he does the indoor barbecue thing.

Someone once spray painted “Pay the money back or your whole family dies” on the side of my former neighbor’s house. No cops came up or anything, and they just cleaned it all off. No idea if they paid or not, but the family is still alive and well.

Same thing happened to me once, when Sandman gave me NT$20 to buy him a paper and I forgot to give him the change. Never again! :astonished: