Embassy Notarization needed but no Embassy

Asking for a friend who wants to exchange his Ecuadorian driver’s license for a Taiwanese one.
Apparently, he’d need to get it notarized at the Ecuadorian embassy in Taiwan. However, Ecuador doesn’t have an embassy (or consulate, etc.) in Taiwan. Does anyone know if there is any other way?

Call one in a neighbouring country?

Nearby is the People’s Republic of China
and Korea

If Ecuador doesn’t have a de facto diplomatic mission (“trade office” etc.), it probably has an agreement with another country for the provision of consular services etc. The Ecuadorian foreign affairs ministry should be able to clarify this.

If even they don’t know, then obviously we need @Icon’s help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Easier: ask other Ecuadorians in Taiwan where do they get their passport, paperwork certified, etc

Usually neighboring countries representative offices take the job, like Peruvian office maybe? Brasil? Those we have right next to Taipei 101.

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Chile doesn’t have an embassy either, and they told me that if I needed any consular services, I could go to Paraguay’s embassy. Maybe you can call the Paraguayan embassy and ask them if they have the same deal with Ecuador.

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Can the DMV in Taiwan and ask, for some countries they have an email contact where you scan a copy of your license and they have it verified.

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