EMERGENCY 4 Schanuzer need a home, owner killed in traffic accident

Poor healthy well behaved, fully vaccinated, well taken care of pets. 4 Schnauzer, loyal companions. Owner recently died in horrific accident. Doggies at shelter in Zhubei in Hsinchu 新竹縣家畜疾病防治, please help if you can, one or tow, just get poor depressed doggies out of there.

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Four?! Poor dears.

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Wish I could help :disappointed: I’m starting a new foster tonight though. Hope they can find a new family soon.

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I’ve got a friend who would be interested in seeing the pups tomorrow but I don’t speak the lingo of this country. Icon, do you know how we’d go about facilitating a meetandgreet?

so sad for them but especially for the owner


Well, it would have to be arranged on Monday, when the office is open. PM me for updates.

His death was particularly gruesome. And leaving his children behind means extra pain.


Sad that the dogs are left without an owner but sadder that the owner met with such an unfortunate accident

Why can’t his kids/wife look after them?

The article stated that no one from his family wanted them.

He was unmarried. No kids, only furkids.