Emergency Contact Numbers - A good idea?

Would you like to leave your emergency contact numbers with Forumosa admin?

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Excellent idea. I could set something like this up - the only people who would have access would be Gus and myself, and we wouldn’t release the information to anyone, publically or privately - we’d just contact the numbers if required and let the parties involved. Let me know if this is something you’d like us to set up.

It’s a great idea…

Wish I’d thought of it :wink:

:blush: Whoops! You did mention something like this, didn’t you… :stuck_out_tongue:

Consider your thunder stolen :laughing:



This is actually a very serious matter, and one which people rarely think about. Today’s scare over DM certainly brings it to the forefront. Being an anal listmaker and incurable worrywart, here’s what I would suggest:

  1. program your name as “owner of this phone” into your cellphone; put your family members’ names in as well, as “my brother; my parents” etc.

  2. register immediately with your country’s embassy, giving them full info on you, your family members’ contact info, etc… Provide a photo of yourself attached to it.

  3. Print your name, Taiwan address, nearest of kin/friend in Taiwan, citizenship, relatives’ contact info abroad, etc., on a card. Attach a photo of yourself, and your right thumbprint. Place a copy in your wallet, glove compartment, motorcycle and home.

  4. Consider providing the info to close friends, as well as to Forumosa Admin. Since Anthony & Gus are already very busy, I’d recommend allowing them carte blanche to expand the access list to include one or two delegated volunteer listkeepers, at their own discretion. I’m sure in matters like this, those willing to provide their info would be willing to entrust it not only to our admins, but also to one or two people, named or not, whom they felt trustworthy of handling it.

  5. Please consider writing a will and testament. No one likes to think about the worst case scenario, but it is for your family’s convenience. From unfortunate personal experience, I can guarantee you that without one, the legal complexities for them to handle your belongings, bank accounts, insurance proceeds etc. can be very great, even within one country like the US.

And just imagine how horrible the paperwork and legal expenses would be for your family to deal with it from another country. Having a last will and testament on hand, with proper witnesses and copies, is a way of showing that you care about your spouse and family, and want to make things easier for them in the worst case scenario.

Sounds like something that the member profile could be expanded to take account of. There would be no actual work involved for Gus or Anthony to maintain this info, but if our members have the option of registering it then there are all sorts of reasons why it may come in useful.

In a worst case scenario I’m sure that many governments would like to know how to get in touch with their nationals in the event of evacuation should there be an invasion scare.

Take it a little further and provide hosting for scanned copies of important documents such as passports and qualifications.

Guess it depends if you are talking about emergency contact numbers to contact the member themselves, contact next of kin or both.

Contact numbers of members is a good thing I feel, useful in certain situations like seen recently with DM. Would also be useful to rally the troops in instances similar to the Gustav Saga when volunteers/assistance is needed by a member at short notice.

However would wan’t to be weary of contacting next of kin without full knowledge of events. I mean imagine contacting DM’s mum back in the home land, waking her from her sleep to be informed, your son has not posted for 6hrs, he’s reported missing presumed dead by being swept off a mountain in a landslide… that hysteria we could do without.