Emergency Loan

I am not considered a foreigner but I was raised in America so I don’t have any credits or assets in Taiwan. I was approved for a small loan (200,000 NT) from one bank but want to get another loan for ($100,000) if possible. I don’t have any credit cards. I went to another bank but after running the soft credit check, the second bank wouldn’t give me a loan. I was lucky to get the 200k loan as the loan manager was able to persuade the bank to lend me the loan and now he is saying if I asked for 300k in the beginning, the bank would most likely still have only given me 200k. I was wondering if there is another way to get a 100k loan elsewhere. I found out that even the pawn shops or any institution other than banks would need a collateral (car, motorcycle, gold, expensive bags, etc.)
A little about me:
I work in a big company that has stability (even though my pay is not high.)
I am 31 years old.
I do not have any Taiwanese credit card and only has a checking account.
I have four months of pay stubs (I can obtain more)
I took out a 200k loan a month ago but due to undired circumstances, I would need to obtain 100k more if possible.

Your company, especially if it’s big and good, can advance you some money.

Walk away from the majiang table brah.


if not possible, you don’t need. Then, you don’t need to obtain 100k more.

You haven’t really said what such a loan would be for.

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To be honest I don’t think asking strangers on the internet for advice on credit/loans will get you anywhere. We don’t know much about you, your credit, your job; and AFAIK none of the regulars on this site work at a bank.

My two cents is that you should:
(1) ask friends/family for help (NOT ask them for money, but for help with whatever is going on)
(2) be thankful that you were able to get a $200k loan without any history, and make absolutely sure you will be able to pay it back so that in the future you can get loans more easily
(3) talk to your work and/or landlord, work might be able to give you an advance and the landlord might be willing to lower your rent for a few months (of course paying it back later)

No matter what, plan for your future so that you can pay back all the money & favors and so that the next time you encounter a situation like this you are better prepared.



Clearly I was referring to everyone else, my advice is great! :rofl:


I dont want to use my work as it is my dad’s company and Im asking to help a good friend of mine.

I only can’t get it as I dont have any credit history.

This will be answering Marco as well.
I am trying to find a loan whose family is in the hospital and can’t get a job where she is at as the virus is killing all her job prospects.
1.) my friends all don’t have money and family will eventually spread it to my father and mother who is very controlling is also another reason I am also finding another career to leave my house.
2.) I plan on it.
3.) live with my parents for now so can’t really do that.

but you can, if loan is not possible and you truly want to help the good friend.

Which virus? Ebola? :thinking:

If it’s your dad’s company and it’s for your good friend, I don’t see the problem at all. Get the money at your dad’s company.

Sorry if I sound harsh, but you have registered an account in a foreign oriented Taiwanese forum for asking for help with a loan, saying that you a good stable job, and that you can’t ask for more money from banks because bureaucracy, and that this money is for a good friend… the whole thing doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

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And he got approved for a $200000 loan right off the bat.

I got laughed out of the bank for asking for the same amount to fund my business because I am a foreigner, and I have credit history. I gave them all my business for years and now they’re not even renewing the credit card despite having a clean history. ALL in the same bank. I fought a telco for five months over guarantor requirements on a $299 bill.

We have to fight for EVERYTHING.


not for everything.

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I’d like to loan also in bank here in Taiwan can you help me plss how and where in Taiwan I’m here in doulio city yunlin because my mother is in critical condition

If you are a foreigner, no dice.

Unfortunately, unlike Taiwanese, us foreigners are criminal scum that even with a perfect record cannot get loans while descendants of locals with NO CREDIT WHATSOEVER are approved immediately for $200000.


This I love. My wife who earns 1/5 of my income can be approved immediately for 100,000 credit card.

I am immediately rejected. :joy:

But her application has both income on it. But if my name or both our names are on the application rejection.

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It’s the nose I reckon. I need to get plastic surgery to shrink my schnoz. Maybe then they’ll give me the loans.