I plan on spiffing up our selection of emoticons. If you have any you would like to see, please post them here. (And any suggestions involving bodily fluids or functions will be ignored.) :wink:

i made these two in my sig - i have donated them to sites i frequent

xihuan ma?

Is there any we can choose from ?
I think we need loads… you can never have enough smilies :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :laughing: :wink: :moo:


There are Christmas versions, too :cluck:

They are the same as what we have now, just different colours. I would like more variation in emotions, like in yahoo or msn messengers.

Might be cute to replace the current ones with Christmas ones for a few weeks though

There are lots of icons for MSN and Yahoo, if you may, please check those out

How about an smilies sticking his toung out.?? Like this :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the expressions without the cartoons ; )

Here ya go:

or this

maybe this should be my new avater or maybe for Monkey…

do you guys think it is okay to have pictures of a middle finger?? I think it is an universal sign language.

Well, here’s what we’ve got for starters…

Feel free to add more here in this thread. If I like it, I’ll add it.

If I like it, I’ll add it?

OK here are some contributions…

Looks like this could get out of hand.
Anyway, surely we need a smiley that drools, if not just for Omni and Blueface…

These are essential:

Wahay ! We have more smilies, so happy I could bounce for joy :bouncy:

All hail the great Maoman (or was it gus?) :notworthy:

Yeah, and anybody who doesn’t like the new Emoticons can just :finger:

I think that Emoticon is mistranslated. “Up yours” is just not the same as “F@@k you”.

(Sorry, just had to try out our new toy)

:no-no: :notworthy: These are great!!! Also, how about a sleepy face (but with an annoying symble) when someone said something boring or stupid… (or is it tooo mean?)

*Also, how about one w/ a hand sticking out next to the face and reads (talk to the hand = whatever) - this is so old school but I like it!!

Maybe one with an applause… :saywhat: yes. when someone said something great, meaningful, then we can just put a smilies and type in our opinion or thoughs…

Can we have more farmyard smileys to go with :moo: and :cluck: ? How about a sheep and a pig ?

And how come some smileys have been removed ? :saywhat: what happened to :arrow_right: and :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Emoticons are tacky when used by people over the age of thirteen.

[quote=“porcelainprincess”]Emoticons are tacky when used by people over the age of thirteen.[/quote] :finger: to you then ! :smiling_imp: