Employment Contract for Rep Office personnel in USA

I have some friends/associates here in Taipei who have a “non-profit association” of sorts, and they are now planning to set up a representative office in the USA. It will be on the east coast I think.

So … they asked me if I could provide any simple and/or straightforward samples of an EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT [in the English language] which would be suitable to use for making the employment specifications for the personnel who are being sent from Taiwan to serve in the USA representative office … (and I guess they may hire some native Taiwanese who are already resident and/or with US citizenship documentation in the USA as well).

Are there any kinds of online resources where I could find such sample documents? Obviously, since I am making this inquiry on forumosa.com, I am not eager to sit down myself and start composing something from scratch. Alternatively, I probably would make some corrections, additions, etc. to any sample document(s) which was/were available for our use.

I thought that some members of the forumosa.com community might have some insights into where to obtain a suitable EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT online, hence I am posting this inquiry here.

[color=#8000BF]Another issue would of course be “visa status.” If there are special requirements in this area that you know of, please advise, so that I can tell my friends/associates about that aspect … however I believe that their non-profit status, or some other aspects of their overall status, allow them to receive “special treatment” in that regard. [/color]

If you don’t want to reply in this forum, please email me directly. Thank you.

Hi there,
You might take this as a sample:)
medlawplus.com/legalforms/in … yment2.pdf