Employment gold card-Passport Verification--Change offices

Finally recieved the email ask me to go to Toronto to verify my passport
BUT, I went to Thailand in Jan. and in Phuket now.
I know they have an office in Bangkok. but How can I ask them to change the location for passport verification?
I havn’t found the right phone number to call. When I call Toronto, they asked me to call Immigration department in TW. When I call immgiration department in TW, they said the process has been moved to the Foreign affair department and I need to call their Toronto office.

Any similar expeirences or suggestions?


You applied in Toronto but decided to travel in a pandemic?

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No. We decided to move to Thailand and live here for 5 months.

While your application was processing?

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You try calling that Bangkok office?

I’ve heard a bit about those long-term tourist visas. How’s it been working out there?

Report the runaround to the Gold Card Office: https://goldcard.nat.gov.tw/en/help-desk

They’ll be able to direct you to the right place.

Keep in mind just about everything government will shut for new year tomorrow.


Confusing Thailand and Taiwan happens to the best of us. I planned to move to Thailand, but ended up in Taiwan.


@nuaabill Did you every figure out whether or not this is possible? I have an outstanding application at the US office, but have to travel for a family emergency to New Zealand and I’m wondering whether or not I will have to reapply to the NZ office.


See their Q&A

Q:How can I change the passport inspection location or Gold Card pick-up location?

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