Ending a part-time job, no guidance

I’m currently working part-time at a buxiban in Taiwan for 10 hours a week. I have worked there for 5-6 months .
They had me sign a one-year contract to simplify payroll, but assured me I could leave early with notice. My plans have changed, and I’m moving away soon. Despite informing the secretary and requesting the supervisor’s contact (since the branch coordinator just randomly left) I’m being ignored. I want to give my notice letter properly but fear they might continue ignoring me, leaving me concerned about potential legal issues as my departure approaches.

I’m here on a student visa, with my university providing the ARC, NHI, and work permit. Should I keep waiting, go to the headquarters, or is the contract binding if they don’t handle these provisions?

Like my work permit even expires at the end of this month and it would be illegal for me to keep working after that and they are just ignoring me.

Contracts can have harsh punishments for early termination. They also frequently have illegal aspects to them. Just notify them of your intention to leave and let the chips fall. If you run into problems ask the folks here or on Facebook groups what you can do.


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I recommend searching for previous threads about contract termination.


If your work permit expires at the end of the month, then your contract expires as well unless they want to or insist on renewing it. This would require effort and money on their part so it can go either way.

For future reference, never trust a Taiwanese cram school boss or manager when it comes to contracts. If you know that you will be leaving within a year and they say it’s not problem, then just cross out the 1 year on the contract and write in 6 months or whatever. Have them sign it and make sure it’s on the Chinese version of your contract as well. Lying, cheating, and stealing is how business is often conducted here especially in the cram school business.

If you’re still unsure, then just go the the labor department and ask them how this works.

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You’ve a part time job and leaving Taiwan , I really don’t see the issue myself . You gotta go you gotta go. What is the real issue is getting all the pay owed to you !

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Yup. When it comes to money ALL morals go out the window after all many people actually worship money here.

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Indeed! And, have they been paying your taxes? You’ll be entitled to money back at the end of the tax year from the government. But, only if your job has been paying it. If you leave now, they may “conveniently” forget to pay your taxes and lose all your paperwork. This then means that whatever money they withheld, will end up in their pockets. If they get caught, then it will just be a “misunderstanding.”

You can go to the tax office and find out if they’ve been paying it and by looking at your paycheck receipt or whatever they send you monthly, you can figure out how much they withheld and how much you might get back.

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