England : Ex PM says says countries should ensure Taiwan is able to defend herself

Interesting comments from Liz, wonder if the current PM has the same views

She said President Xi had “been very clear” in his ambition to “have control of Taiwan”, and called on democratic countries to help protect Taiwan’s status as “a beacon of freedom in the world”.


The last thing we need is Truss supporting us.


another ex politician and member of unelected think tank weighing in

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Ya. it is amazing how much of the world supports taiwan ethically as far as freedom, democracy etc. Taiwan has a very live and vibrant backdoor lifestyle with Ex this and that. bit of a disappointment in the “freeworld” to be honest. Better to back oppressed labor than rock the boat by standing up for what they stand up for :rofl:

I don’t think England has ever had a Prime Minister… or speaks for itself on the international arena.

We haven’t had a democratically elected PM for a while.

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