English church for Bible studies and general fellowship

I’m not a Christian, but I was frequently involved with a fellowship group and joined their bible studies regularly when I studied in a Canadian university.

I’m wondering if there is any English churches in Taipei. I’m looking for groups that offer bible studies and hopefully don’t mind people who are not Christians to join their discussion.

www.biblestudyfellowship.com has a men’s group that meets Monday evenings according to a search I did at this page:


The address and other info I got was:

Hsin-Yi Friendship Presbyterian
#5 Lane 269 Roosevelt Road Sec 3
Taipei 106
Please do not call the church. Call 1-877-273-3228 (US) or 1-210-492-4676 (outside US) for class contact information.

Meets 7:15pm

I do the Women’s study on Wednesday mornings and really enjoy it.

Here’s a whole nuther thread about churches in Taiwan.

As braxtonhicks says, BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) would be a good choice. It is in English but most of those attending are local men - only a few foreigners.
It is a short walk from either Tai Power or GongGuan MRT stations. There is a 7-11 across from the TaiPower Building on Roosevelt Rd. The alley beside it dead-ends into the church where we meet every Monday night begining at 7:30 sharp. 5th Floor. Hope to see you there! :slight_smile: