English Computer Games

Anyone know where I can buy english computer games in Taipei?? Im looking for like Tycoon type games?

www.shinyimports.com (that’s me) can get almost anything ordered if you can’t find it in the shops. Send me a pm or email and I’ll see what I can do.

You might also just do a google search and see what you can buy online with your credit card and download - that’s what I do when I need instant gratification for games.

a lot of computer games are international version (the manual book is in chinese, but you can choose english or sometimes other languages when you install the game)

Most of famous games are like this, but of course not all.
Anyways check the box, they always write (in chinese): Book and game in chinese, or book in chinese and game in english

last time I bought battlefield 2142 in Taipei, and the game is a international version.

great thanx for the advice guys