English Language School Fees


I know what Foreign Teachers are generally paid per hour at private English Schools ( hasn’t changed in 15 years) but does anyone disclose how much these Schools charge each student ( per hour/ week/ month/ semester ) ?

This article purports to give tuition figures for major chains like Hess, American Eagle etc.


Very useful and informative . Thank you.
Appears the range is about NT$17000-29000 per semester .

Sure, but how many hours of class is that? One hour per week? Three hours per day?

More info here. For example, the Annie’s School Chain elementary school classes in 2020 seems to have been:

  • 24 weeks 12 hours per week NT$52,000 from Jan to June.
  • 24 weeks 12 hours per week N$74,800 July to Dec including summer vacation.

國小ESL班 24週(1-6月) 每週12小時 52,000元

國小ESL班 24週(7-12月) 每週12小時 74,800元(含暑期)

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I charge $6,000 a month. Two-hour classes twice a week.

The schools disclose it to customers. Not hard to ask a school for the fees they charge students.

It would appear to me that you charge almost exactly the same on an hourly basis as Annie’s does in the first semester if you include Annie’s 50,000 registration fee. But from the second semester on, Annie is charging considerably less. I’m sure your services are superior in every way.

Annie can cover her foreign teacher costs with 2-3 students in the first term. Thereafter, she probably needs at least 5-6 to cover the foreign teacher.

The registration fees seem outrageous to me especially since Taiwanese service providers are notorious for taking large fees upfromt and then under-delivering or not delivering at all.

The consumer protection auhorities should go after this scam.

One thing I have learned in Taiwan over the years is to never pay a bulk service provider for services up front. Hard to avoid with custom personalized services but that usually work out fine.