English problem!


sorry first,cuz i wanna ask about English problems,not chineses!
I really can’t understand how to identity
/i/ (leap)and /I/(lip) ,
/ei/(say) and /e/(said),
/a/(mom) and ///(mum),
and any method help improve listeing comprehension?

Thanx guys,and help me please!

you can also assk me about chinese!


Why not try posting to tw.bbs.lang.english
I believe that would be a more appropriate forum.
This forum is really limited to questions about learning Chinese.



There is endless discussion on these boards about the relative merits of zhuyin fuhao and various kinds of romanisation in learing Chinese. What I would like to point out is that, for learning English, the KK system is a bad one. I have tried helping Taiwanese students with their pronunciation, and realised that the KK system was at fault. The problem is that it is not truly phonetic. Single symbols are used to represent dipthongs, and there is no symbol to distinguish long and short vowels, whereas the international phonetic alphabet (so-called “wanguo yinbiao”) uses a colon for this purpose. RT’s pronunciation problems arise from using the crappy KK system.