English service baptist church in Taipei/New Taipei?

I’m looking for a church (preferably baptist or non-denominational) in Taipei or New Taipei (within an hour of Xinzhuang, so no Tianmu) that has a Sunday English service. I would like to also take my daughter, if there is any opportunity for her to play with other toddlers. Anyone got any suggestions?

Grace Baptist Church looks like it has potential, has anyone ever been? If so, what’s it like?

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Grace Baptist Church is further than Tienmu.

I can send you to Aroma church, next to Taipei main station, you can take 299 bus there.

You driving? Grace Church in Mingde is quite popular with foreigners. They say Pentecostal, not sure if that works for you or not. About same as driving to downtown from there, if you ask me.

The Daan Grace Baptist Church?

I was thinking the one next to NTU, unless they have more than one branch.

Not bad. They’re pretty reserved and mainstream if that is what you are looking for… Services are ok but nothing special. It’s a safe place.