English speaking dentist in Taipei/Banqiao

I’ve cracked a tooth and need to see a dentist. I’ve had bad luck with dentists in Taiwan. Does anyone know of an English speaking dentist in Taipei or Banqiao and can point me in the right direction?
Thanks in advance.

I saw one near Fuzhong MRT station a couple years back about a chipped tooth. Across from Jieshou Park. You might try them out, I remember the dentist I saw was supposedly Harvard-educated. Whether that’s true or not, his English was fine.

No. 108, Guanqian East Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City, 220

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Taipei Hospital in Hshinchuang has dentists who speak English. But I’m not sure if I’d recommend them after what they did to me when getting that wisdom tooth removed…

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Thanks. It’s pretty close so I’ll go have a look in the morning. The guy I saw before wanted to take out half the tooth and leave an empty hole there for 2 weeks before any more work on it.

I recommend this place, near Songjiang Nanjing: https://identist.blogspot.com/ (map)

I’ve had lots of work done there, and am taking my kid now too.

Adventist Hospital is always my first choice. They all speak English, even the desk staff.

I’ve noticed significant changes in their dental clinic staff. Have you been there lately?


PM me if you still need help

That alone doesn’t make them good, just saying.


No, it doesn’t. There was one across the street from me at my last apartment and they spoke English, but I still preferred Adventist for anything more than a minor problem. It’s rare I’ve found any type of doctor in Taipei who can’t speak passably good English. Adventist just has better equipment. I went to my local dentist twice for a filling that kept falling out. After going to Adventist, it has stayed in for over a year. Their co-pay is $50 more. I also don’t get the feeling that they’re trying to rush you out the door like at some places. They do ask that you schedule a longer time for more serious procedures like a root canal, which I keep being told I need but it ain’t gonna happen.

There’s been big turnover in the staff at Adventist’s dental section this past year. I showed up for a scheduled appointment with my dentist this past summer and was told he’s no longer there! It would have been nice if they let me know in advance.


Thanks everyone. I will try the one near Fuzhong MRT today and if that’s a no go then I’ll hit rocket up.

Why on earth not?

I might think again.


Those teeth look pretty good.

Yeah this tooth was a root canal. Glad I had it done. Wish I never had it done by that dentist.
If that’s a more recent image posted by tempo nice pearlies.

Can’t be asked. I hate doing stuff. I didn’t go to a doctor the first 6 years I was in Taiwan.

Does anyone know if a chipped tooth is covered by NHI? And, if not, approximately, what is the cost?

If you need a crown or other replacement, this unfortunately will not be covered. Depending on the complexity of the work, and if it is a crown, I’d reckon perhaps NT$20,000 - NT$25,000 in the Taipei area. You might find cheaper dentists, but I have not gone that route for complex work.

Good luck!


Thank you for responding @afterspivak .
I went to dentist today and they said that they can fix it with composite resin. The composite resin is covered by NHI. If it wasn’t covered under NHI, it would only cost about $3000 ntd.