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Hello –
In the couple of days before my move from the US to Taiwan, I chipped a tooth and couldn’t get to a dentist before my flight. It’s a minor chip but annoying and I want to get it taken care of before it gets worse. Probably just needs to be filed down a bit and sealed. I speak very little Chinese as of yet, certainly nothing so specialized as dentistry vocab. I was wondering if any of you could recommend an English-speaking dentist that you have experience with and what I should expect an an appointment, fees etc. At this time, I am in New Taipei City, Xindian district, and do not yet have an ARC so no NHI card.

Thanks so much for any recommendations and advice!

ETA: in addition to the above specifications, I’m seeking someone who would be open/ available in the next week or so. I’m aware that the New Year means a lot of businesses are closed or have reduced hours but am hoping a dentist might still be available. Thanks again!

Well, I don’t live in New Taipei City, but there’s plenty of English speaking dentists in Kaohsiung where I live, so it’s a safe bet there’s a lot in your area. I’d suggest asking for a recommendation in an expat New Taipei Facebook group. They’re always good for business recommendations.

I don’t know any in Xindian, but if you don’t mind traveling the Adventist Hospital is the best place I’ve found. All the doctors and staff speak English and they do a good job.

If that’s too far, my usual dentist is next to exit 4 of Gongguan Station, which is on the MRT green line. Some of the staff speaks English and most of the dentists seem to. They do a decent job depending on who you get, but Adventist is better. The Gongguan one might be a lot cheaper if you don’t have insurance. Adventist seems more expensive. I don’t have the phone number and they don’t seem to be online, but you can sometimes get a walk-in or make an appointment for the next day. But they will be closed CNY week.

I think that many dentists studied abroad for a while, US, Europe. No problem with English mostly.
And if you don’t have health insurance, it should be around 1,000 NT$.

Most of the dentists in the “Tzu Chi” hospital speak English and those that don’t have dental students who will translate. The Xindian hospital is listed As"Taipei" ;


It’s on JianGuo road.

thank you all for your helpful suggestions! i will look into these posthaste :slight_smile:

Don’t suppose anyone knows a Dentist in Taichung who can do Veneers? Mine just fell off …arghhh. I used to use a great guy in Kaoshiung , but have no time to travel. So many seem to recommend Crowns …guess stronger , but I am happy with a Veneer. Just prefer to go to someone with a recommendation.
Damn, there go my perfect teeth :sob:

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