English Speaking doctor/hospital for physical examination for Visa application in Taipei

I need to do a physically examination in Taipei for long term visa in Malaysia before I get there to have my visa approved. I need a doctor that can write and read to fill out examination application form. It probably needs to be a hospital because we need a physical examination of our body for deformities, disabilities, hearing and eyesight. Blood tests, urine tests, drug testing, xray, and possible diseases we have. We also need a copy of each testing result. Anyone know a place and had this done in Taiwan?

I get a full work up every year on the 13th floor of the Wanfang Hospital. They can do it in English or Chinese. I believe it covers everything you listed and was $6000.

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I can’t remember the last time I saw that many zeros in Taiwan for medical stuff lol. I’m guessing it’s not something covered by NHI haha. I think my moms cancer treatment was cheaper lol

You wouldn’t have a name of the doctor would you?

Yeah, I think if you’re over 40 you can get a general check up for free every year, but us spry and healthy spring chickens don’t get the luxury unless a doctor orders the tests.

Getting to spoiled in Taiwan from the healthcare that I don’t want to leave even more. I remember just a X-ray was like close to 1kUSD with health insurance in the US.

I think someone mentioned Adeventist hospital before? Anyone know much about them? I remember @Icon or @tempogain mentioning them.

We need to order each test individually, because Taiwan does not have a medical hospital that’s officially recognized by the Malaysian visa office that provides the whole test as a package.

I did a very general check up at Taiwan Adventist Hospital and I take my kids there, but don’t have experience with your specific question. Except to say, if you’re hospitalized there, their meals are vegetarian. Booo.

I have been to the Priority Care Center, which is off NHI, hence quite expensive. I am sure they could have tests available within NHI.

Most hospitals have English speaking staff and if push comes to shove, the one with international medicine departnments can be helpful. Renai is my go-to for visa examinations. Chang Gung. heck, even Cardinal Tien has a special department for that.

You can ask for the bundled tests. the oen taht does the people in our government office is the Central one, near Zhongzhiao Fuxing. Tzu Chi has the package deals., as does Shinkong, and can give you Englsih language results.

At adventist?

My primary concern is the official form they need to fill out with a long list of test and requirements, it’s all in English and has to be written in English. I just want to make sure they don’t miss 1 thing in a blood test from the form I give them and I have to redo the test. I’m sort of on a time restraint as well, the visa can take 2 months to process and I need to get it done ASAP without any issue with someone who will take the time to do it all correctly. I don’t mind paying more for this since it’s important and is given to the malaysian immigration office. If they reject it, I won’t be able to go there for some time.

Then it is 10K dear. If you want no headaches, then that is an option. But not the only one. Time issue is getting a spot. Busy place.

The others like Shinkong, Tzu Chi, etc, can also do it right, will not be that much.

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Can any hospital get blood tests for things like HIV/ Hep c done quick, I heard they can take up to 2 weeks in most hospitals.

PM me and send me the forms you need filled out. The hospital I work at has a physical exam department . I can ask them to contact you and give you a quote for pricing. We are located in the East district of Taipei.

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Andrew, you should be working the phones and calling them to ask. Yes, they do have service in English. Yes, they can expedite the results.


•Service Hours:Mon. to Fri. (8:30am~11:00am & 13:30pm~16:00pm) and Sun. (8:30am~11:00am)



諮詢專線 : 02 27810190 洽 宋芊慧’s 0938970187、謝鎮宇’r 0938735676

體檢時間 : 每週一至週六 am 08:00 - 11:00, pm13:00 -15:00 週六半日, 國定假日休診

The latter has all you need. HIV and etc. testing.

I just had mine done at Tzu Chi Hospital in Taipei. As I am not covered by NHI, the price was $8900 I believe which I thought was a good deal considering you can’t even get a check-up in Canada. Staff were great but few could speak English.

I haven’t received the results yet but they are supposed to deliver an English and a Chinese version.

Yes I’ve been calling and emailing the forms the doctors need to fill. Still waiting for one to get back to me that they can do everything and do it quick.

I had to go to the hospital I was born in today to find my immunization records from a old ass database. I got lucky because they usually get rid of them after this many years.

You are lucky they at least have a data base.

Email doctors? Mmmm.

Have you tried Central? As I said, it is the one government uses.

I went to get my immunization record. Old broken down yellowed paper copy. The nurse that helped me was like that’s my name the day I help deliver you! What a crazy experience lol


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