English-speaking driver?

Can anyone recommend a driver for day-trips from Taipei? Ideally, they’d also be able to speak English pretty well.

We’d also like to hire a driver for a short tour of Taroko Gorge / Qingshui Cliffs.

My 82-year old dad is coming to Taiwan for a visit. I’d rather not drive. And my Chinese abilities aren’t that good.

Any recommendations / advice would be greatly appreciated!


Findtaxi app is in English and has services like languages of driver if you want English or other languages. Also can request wheelchair friendly, accepts credit card, female driver, specified number of passengers, tour guide, chartered services with tour guide, wifi access, jump start, van with 9 seats, karaoke on board, micro moving, cargo shipping… You can see who is available and where they are on the map for any of these services. No credit card required to register or use.


PM sent

I have heard of people taking the illegal Filipino taxis. Quite cheap, but usually not licensed and with low insurance coverage.

Thanks for the ideas!

That said, I’m hoping to hear some personal recommendations, eh?

And, as my pa is 82, I don’t think I’ll go with the unlicensed, illegal Filipinos. :slight_smile:

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Not a personal recommendation, just a Google search, but for your 82 year old pop I’d go for some class.