English Speaking Far Eastone Store?

Has anyone in Taipei had any luck finding a FarEastone store where someone speaks English well enough to help you set up a new cell phone plan? I’ve found the phone and the plan that I want online, but I need to explain that I want to keep my old number from my pre-paid fareastone SIM card.

You could probably go to anyone and be fine…as long as it’s a real Fareatone store, and not a reseller (because they can’t set up plans for foreigners). If no one in the store can speak English, they’ll call the service line and have you speak with someone over the phone while they set it up. IThe big store near Taipei 101 is good though, always someone on hand who can explain things well in English.

Yeah, I ended up going to a smaller one. They could speak a bit of English and they ended up calling the service line to have someone explain the finer details to me in English.