English speaking hair stylist, Taichung

New colleague has arrived and is finishing up his Q hotel stay. Messaged me he needs a haircut. Anyone know of an English speaking hair stylist in Taichung he could see upon his freedom? Thanks

Can’t he just use a picture and go pretty much anywhere?

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Yeah, Looks like that will be his approach. Cheers

I’m not sure how picky your colleague is about their hair, but as someone that is both picky and has unique hair, I recommend going to the more expensive salons as they’re better trained. A lot of the $100 haircuts know like one or two Asian crew cut styles. They might not fit western people, especially if his hair is not perfectly straight like Asian hair.

Yeah, Thanks Marco. He’s got a pretty full head of hair, so I’d imagine he’ll pony up the pesos for a good salon. Cheers

I know a guy name Summer (his FB: Redirecting...). He works in Roi Hair Saloon (No. 146號, Dalong Rd, Xitun District, Taichung City, 407). He is my hair stylist and I have been going to him for past 1.5 years. I highly recommend him

Many thanks V. I will pass Summer’s info on. Cheers

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