English speaking immigration lawyer for Taiwan?

Hello, I am interested in immigrating to taiwan. can someone recommend an immigration lawyer that is good in english?

my mother has a nwohr taiwan passport but no taiwan i.d., no hukou.

  1. i would like an immigration strategy for the whole family. i was born after feb 1980s, my brother too. we both have our own families now with kids.

  2. would it be better for my mother to establish a hukou first before i go? meaning she will go to taiwan first?



I think the immigration strategy can just be for your mother depending on how difficult your mom’s case is for establishing her own hukou (did her parent(s) already have hukou when your mom were born)?

Because once your mom’s hukou situation is resolved, Both you and your brother and kids are eligible to apply for a TARC under AF353 where all of you stay 335 days out of the year to convert to HHR.

No. Her parents did not have taiwan i.d. nor hukou.

I see, when you ask about your mom establishing her own hukou first, does she have a plan on how she can do so already?

Otherwise it seems like the tough part is one or more of you establishing HHR first then sponsoring the rest of the you on AF353/AF354.

None. Need lawyers advice and service

You might try a licensed immigration specialist first. I know of two that might be able to help.

  1. https://www.ezpermit.tw/
  2. https://www.platalea.com.tw/en

If it were me, I would try working with one of these first and maybe get a second opinion from a lawyer if they can’t help. Please be aware that Taiwan basically does not have immigration lawyers per se. Much of the filing and application type work that an immigration lawyer does in the US is better handled at less cost by one of these licensed professionals. That said, lawyers can be extermely helpful with difficult cases and may be able to see solutions or strategies that a licensed immigration consultatant cannot. Lawyers are much more expensive and will have to charge you for the time they spend coming up to speed on the law in this area. That seems very unreasonable to many but I disagree. YMMV.

See Articles 55-57 of the Immigration Act for information about non-lawyer licensed immigration professionals. They are bonded. You should check the licensing status of any professional in Taiwan before you hand over money.

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Thank you. Ezpermit has emailed back.

As of today

Update #1 Ezpermit told me to look for a CPA. Not sure why. Something about CPA have experience setting up companies for foreigners.

I would like to go the overseas chinese investment route. They told my what i want to do is beyond their scope of work.

Update #2 i received my taiwan passport with no taiwan i.d., no HHR.

Update #3 my mother does not want to immigrate to taiwan. So it will be me first

Update #4 i called platalea. They said they will reply but havent.

Update #5 another immigration agency told me to spend min 6 months a year in taiwan for 5 years. They said it is cheaper and is the easiest route…

Hi. Here is the Taiwan CPA I recommend and use. He speaks English. Rates are reasonable.