English speaking taxi service

I have to go the the airport and I am bringing a lot loggage and I need one of those Van taxis. Does anyone ahve the number of an English speaking one?

Here is a taxi hotline that has English service. Hope this helps.

Toll Free Taxi Hotline: 0800-055850

– September 30, 2004 –
Welcome to the Toll Free Taxi Hotline. For English service please press two.

Rate of Fare

– August 3, 2005 –
6:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Within 1.5Km: NT$70
Over 1.5 Km: NT$5 per 300m
Waiting: NT$5 per 2 minutes.
English Taxi Drivers Association

– August 3, 2005 –
English Taxi Drivers Association(ETA):(02)27-997-997
ETA provide Taxi Drivers with a certificate for speaking English.

Wholly crap! I didn’t know this!! This is a HUGE help for me as this summer my other half and I are going to the US and we both have 5 suitcases total! Sometimes this BB is just SOOOO helpful!! :thanks: