English Teacher and APRC?

I’m just a lowly English teacher, but I’ve been here 12 years(10 on an ARC)and stayed more than 270 days of all of those years. I read in a previous post by Dan Jacobsen that there are only 500 APRC holders in Taiwan.

Having read the previous posters more carefully, I see there is one seemingly insuperable obstacle–that of the NT$ 5 million assets requirement. Is the basic minimum monthly salary $16,000 or $32,000?

Also, would I be eligible for OWP? I currently have a work permit for one employer. It’s quite a task threshing through this legal thicket.
Thanks for any and all responses.

It sounds to me like you would qualify for permanent residency.

The financial requirement is NT$ 5 million in time deposits -OR- real estate ownership in excess of NT$ 5 million value -OR- income exceeding NT$ 32,000 per month for the last few years on which you have paid taxes.

Of course, with permanent residency you can obtain an Open Work Permit.

I am clear on all the points of getting the APRC ( I think…) but the issue of income is a problem. For the past eight years my school has paid my taxes for me, but reports me at the lowest number of hours possible to be full time. This has meant my monthly taxed income is nt$ 22,000. Can I show them a bank account deposit letter of nt 5 million and pass this income problem? Does time deposit mean I would have had to deposit the money over the past so-and-so years? Also, since I don't actually have nt 5 million under my mattress, are there companies that loan for this type of purpose on a daily basis. I’ve heard this, but don’t know where to find them.
Any ideas on how to fix this problem? Would even going back to the tax office and trying to pay up on all those back years taxes be possible? Thanks.