English Teacher Salary Deductions: Labour Insurance+ Taxes +NHI Buxiban

Hi Guys
So I recently got my APRC and got onto my schools payroll. I was informed that my monthly deductions will be Labour Insurance 2614 + Health Insurance 1630. This confused me so I just decided to go with it so I can be taxed.

Now before this I had a business visa and the NHI cost was around 1500 and the NHI told me that with APRC it would be around 800pm, So with the school it seemed confusing.
I also became aware that Labour insurance covers pension and welfare, So I started to look into it.

So apparently being employed means
Your employer covers a certain percentage of the costs
NHI ($pm) is split 30% (you) + 60% (employer) + 10% (government subsidy)
I’m currently paying way over! PLUS they get the government subsidy.

Labour Insurance
(11.5% of SALARY 25k-which they declare) (2875nt$) is split 20% (you) + 70% (employer) + 10% (government.

and apparently taxes are 5-18% My school says for the first 6 months they will add and extra 1500 which I can claim back when filing taxes??? Can someone please explain this .

My school is being very weird and I think they are a bit freaked out. If I’m only supposed to be paying 575 for NHI as an employee on the books then who is getting the extra ? and when I asked them they said they “MADE A MISTAKE” and I was put in the wrong (group) but …
This is super weird, they’re basically saying to all the teachers “These are the deductions and this is how we do it”

And I have asked them to sit down with me and explain the percentages and how its split is apparently they have a "chart"they will show me…

hmm… its all very suspect but its still coming out of my money I worked for per hour, so I need to know how much is going where.

Do many schools do this? Just give you and amount without an explanation?
How do we access our retirement fund to check?
Is it true that as an APRC holder an added 6% from the company goes into the pension?