English teaching jobs BLOWING UP

You are He/Him?

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I hate transfer fees.

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Could some of you English teachers please move to the UK?

I’m bored of having to deal with wealthy middle-manager executives who are unable to use simple grammar rules and punctuation.

How much are these fees?

For example, someone sent me $166 via PayPal and only $159 shows up.

Cost of doing business. These people are really poopie. So miserable.

Focker basing my worth on a transfer fee !!! NEXT


80% of “English teachers” in taiwan aren’t actual English teachers. Mostly its babysitting with English, as you attempt to keep the kids happy while the parents keep paying money so you don’t get told Johny isn’t happy with you because you decided to scold him for eating his pencil and trying to smear shit all over the wall. I WILL SAY though, there are some really legit schools that actually tell the parents their kids need to behave or they can’t continue to study there.

forgot to mention 80% of the kids are good in those shit show buxibans, but the problem is the bosses are so greedy they would rather have 2 kids destroy the entire learning environment for the other 80% because $. I’ve legit been told, so and so is a special needs kids so you have to be patient with him, well why in the hell is he in the class with the kids who are not special needs?


I realize these things. Just don’t complain to me my first day because a kid says he doesn’t want to take this class with me but is happy to take 2 other classes with me. I didn’t choose the subject matter or the texts. If you picked a stupid, uninspiring text book you chose a stupid uninspiring text book.

Also, don’t complain to me about a student doesn’t know what a herd is after reading a giraffe book 4 times with the class, and the boss teaching the same pages concerning herds of giraffes.

WTF is it my fault that I teach herds and the boss teaches herds as I was observing another class and the parent is upset that the kid doesn’t know what a herd is? The last thing the boss and parent should be questioning is the teacher. A really simple thing explained over and over again. A HERD.

The boss and parent are gravely concerned about kid’s understanding of the term herd? I explained several times already.

WTF ??? Your kid wasn’t paying attention.

These people expect these little jabs don’t strike a nerve?

Jenny doesn’t know what a herd is - keep that shat to yourself.

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As a teacher, some of that is on you, you know.

I post this as a ahem certifiable teacher.


So does that mean they will relax their prejudices and hire Asian Americans who may be socially awkward?


Asian Americans? Sure. Socially awkward? Depends

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no. they’d rather hire uncertified students from anywhere before they hire an asian looking person who might even hold a Harvard degree in education. Harsh but true. There is a part to play and you are their English mascot.


The text was read no less than 4 times and discussed. The boss went over the same material 1 time.

No, if the kid is soft in the head the kid is soft in the head.

My point is that I’m not going to accept a flogging because of this single example of a student who doesn’t, upon spot examination by a parent, adequately explain what a herd is.

I follow the curriculum. This term, herd, was never set out as a do or die term.

Really a petty thing for the parent or boss to bring up as an “issue”.

The kid probably knows what a herd is but being put on the spot and expected to give an answer adequate for the parent may have been in the moment too much. Who knows?

Really simple to comprehend. The text talked about how by living together they share responsibilities for the young, each other, and common defense.

Blame me because your child is dumb or isn’t getting enough nutrition or doesn’t get enough sleep?

So terrible

On this, we agree.

I do understand your frustration though. The single most detrimental obstacle in the way of a child’s learning English in Taiwan imo is the terrible lack of professional teacher training. It’s not always the “dumb” kid’s fault.

Also, there are many reasons why the word “herd” could be difficult for a child language learner to access, process and master. One being that a new word needs a whole lot more repetition than you described.

If they do will you apply?


I have no desire to teach English. But its great that you do!

you should move to taiwan and become a financial advisor.

Blowing up?
Blowup - Wikipedia

I won’t. I can’t. It’s Christmas. :woozy_face:

Have a merry one, dawg.

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Hope the English teachers loyal to Taiwan use this opportunity to improve their working environment and leave those toxic buxibans for the better ones. That’ll show em!

One thing I can mention is that annoying parents are everywhere. I know a few private tutors in India and Taiwan and they’ve all faced similar senseless “complaints” from parents for trivial things - you’ll probably get used to it soon.