English TV Guide

Hi Guys:
There is a English cable TV program Channel instruction in the following link which you might be interesting, hope that help:


Apply only in partially Taipei city

where? I see no cable channel list on the other end of that link.Why not post the link to the cable tv list directly.

Salmon, you have navigate through that HORRIBLY! designed site, trying to interpret the mangled Chinglish in 6 point type, and you’ll find the list under the FAQ section. No program listings, just the number for each channel (which you find just as easily by simply clicking on your TV remote).

Benjamin, if you really are looking to develop a site for expats coming to Taiwan (which is what you say on your site), I’d suggest losing the non-native speakers, pronto! That, or hire an editor.

Oh, and a teeny-tiny hint?
Try increasing your font size!

I hope I can do that, the truth is, we have went throught again and again internet for the Egnlish cable TV Channel list, there is no such service provided anyway by far.

We are putting this information in Segue is meant to help people who are about relocating to Taipei so that they are able to have a quick idea what sort of the TV program they could have here.

We might put this information in the wrong place for there are full of people like Sandman who know Taipei so much and apparently no need for such information.

And Sandman, sorry, I can not see your hint. :wink:

Problem is, Ben, the overseas people you are targeting will most likely be looking for information in English. What you have on your site is “near English.” Just like “near beer,” its not very nice and will be more likely to put people off. Get a native-speaking editor and a better design. There’s nothing wrong with your information, there’s just not enough of it.

You DID get my hint, though – it reads: Try increasing your font size. :wink:

Good luck with the site.

to get the listing for most of english channels go to

Thanks Ponchi, the information is valueable.

And Sandman, your opinion is appreciated, your referral will be even more appreciated if there is one.

And…Yes, You are right about the first time :smiley:

Does anyone know of a good English TV Guide for Taipei Cable channels. The best I’ve found so far is this one: hytv.com.tw/


I am in the populous country - I used to be able to see the TV program listing at China Times - can someone tell me the URL - web address.

I suspect China Times might have joined the Chinese language Taiwan newspapers as unreadable in China online - Taipei Times is still visible. That may say something about leanings in the editorial dept.

My hard disk died and I lost my favorites list.

Google was down for a week - almost how to identify the month as October every year here.

Hollywood used to have downloadable monthly schedule in English and Chinese. Now only in Chinese :frowning:

Maybe one day Forumosa might join the sites invisible to 20% of the world’s population.

I am sure they were experimenting and blocked my net connection for 10 minutes every time I typed or clicked on “human rights” at one stage.

I could read every forum on Segue as it was then - go to human rights and my net connection froze - they seem to have given up that game.

Surprise surprise


is accessable today.

I know the 12000 internet police and their Canadian firewall supplier do a lot of experimenting. Makes the whole thing a bit variable.

Cable TV programming for HBO, Cinemax etc. is available here. Click on the service you want, e.g. HBO, then Ctrl-click each movie’s Chinese title to open a page on it in a new tab; the English movie titles are then provided for some of the services (HBO, Cinemax, Catchplay, HITS, Star Movies, and Warner TV, at least) alongside each movie title. CINEMAX 節目表 台灣電視節目表查詢 - nio電視網 頻道節目表查詢

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