Enjoy a active lifestyle in Taiwan

I finf it hard to have a active life style here in Taiwan.
Back home I used to play socker with my friend’s, go go-karting, climb montains or go skiing.

Here I have to nag for week’s to get annyone to go with me to a go-kart track and I do hope to climb the highest montain in Taiwan befour the winter become too cold.

I hope to make someone join me for going ice scating this or the next weekend, but I doubt it. :help:

If I sugest Thai food or japanese resturant I would be corwded by people wanting to come. :loco:

Is there others that like doing thigs, but can’t find annyone to join them?

Join the hiking club - look in the Events section for their info.

Ice skating? Sign up for the hockey league, or get out and play pick-up.

Kart tracks are a dime a dozen here in Taoyuan.

Mordeth and MJB know the best ones - with luck you can ask them if hey take passengers.

Skiing - Korea is your cheapest bet, but if you go home for Xmas, you could spend your days going downhill anyways. I do, and that’s when based in Copenhagen.

[Taipei Hiking Club Events Chat IV]

[HEY! Go-Karting is AWESOME!]

I’m in a good mood this morning.

It’s not at all difficult to live an active lifestyle in Taiwan. Don’t have anyone to drag along? Choose activities you can do on your own: cycling, gym, tai chi, gong fu, swimming, jogging…

You mean it is possible NOT to have an active lifestyle here?

If active include eatin NO!

Possibly you could use your friend’s here too, but geez…why? :astonished:


There is a well established ex-pat soccer league all over Taiwan. It’s very social (some teams are more serious than others) and they play most weekends - some have mid week training. Talk to Michel (owner) at the Tavern - he sponsors one of the leagues and knows all the contact names from each team. In fact, this Saturday evening the Tavern is hosting the end of season party - so it would be a good opportunity to go down, meet a few people and talk about signing up for next season.