Enjoy Kitchen - Amazing Burgers

Could not find anything posted on Enjoy Kitchen thus far, hence this post!

Been there a few times, and the Burgers are Amazing IMO. Very clean, good service, and price is pretty good too.
Aprox 250NTD for Burger, Fries, Drink.
Also had the cheese sticks / chilli beef fries / milkshakes, which were all good!

They have a few other items on the menu, but have not sampled those yet, as i keep finding myself ordering the Burger cos its so good :slight_smile:

The homemade cheese-cake is top class too! i generally dont eat cheese-cake, but loved this one!

They located on Roosevelt Road, herewith the web address,

Anyone else been there?

Interesting. Never heard of or seen this place. Although, any restaurant that uses “our staff wash their hands” as a selling point raises my eyebrows! :astonished:

HaHa . . Never seen that , quite funny!

The entire Kitchen is open to view, hence you can stand and watch while your food is being prepared, and to me all looks extremely clean!
Ive seen hospitals with lower levels of cleanliness than their kitchen.

The burger at enjoy is the 2nd best Burger i have ever eaten, the best being back home in South Africa!
The Patty is delicious, cooked to perfection, juicy. The lettuce / tomatoe etc. really fresh and crunchy. And the buns are a cross between wholewheat / brown, which is really devine! Not the processed white flour crap you will find at other burger places.

Ooh i feel hungry now! I Urge you to give it a try, u will be blown away!

Hell, that’s all the more reason to go there. You know they don’t washed at any other place. I once saw a kid working at Auntie Anne’s mixing pretzel dough and cleaning the oil off his nose with one of those little papers, all while wearing his gloves. :s

BTW have you tried the two balls of ice cream yet?

Nope have not tried the Ice Cream yet. Only the Cheesecake, which is devine as stated above.
My SO had the Homemade Yoghurt Drink, she loved it.

the southeast asian stuff looks good too. will give it a try soon