Enter without visa, then get a visitor visa within Taiwan possible?


Hello everybody,

I will return to Taiwan in two weeks (I am currently in Germany and a german citizen) and I wonder whether it is possible to enter without a visa and then get a visitor visa in Taiwan. I have all the necessary documents (LOI etc.) from my university, yet my time in Germany is little and running to the taiwanese office he would require me a lot of extra travel, which I would like to avoid. So do you know whether that is possible? If not it is of course no big deal for me to get the visa in advance here in Germany.
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Yes it’s possible. Search around on these forums, there are instructions somewhere here.


Cool, thank you for the information! :slight_smile:


Did you find it? Post a link for others’ benefit.


You should just get the visa in advance in Germany.


So this was my experience: Since I am just a student and do not have a work permit in Taiwan, the procedure is not possible. So a letter from the university alone will not help to turn visa-exempt into a visitor visa. But of course the letter is sufficient to get the same type of visa in any of the Taiwan-offices abroad. So that’s just taiwanese idiosyncratic bureaucracy, but no reason to be all too sad because it’s a convenient reason to take a small trip to Hongkong and enjoy a weekend of holiday. ^^