Enterovirus, Foot & Mouth Disease, Meningitis, EV71

[Original Subject: Enterovirus]

I’m doing some research on enterovirus. There have been more than 700 cases of the disease this year already. Does anybody know of a kindergarten where there have been cases of enterovirus this year?

do you know where abouts on the island(s) these 700 were? or do you know the status of these 700?

Apparently Taiwan had a lot of trouble with enterovirus in 1997/8. It was identified as an agent for foot and mouth disease and even meningitis. I understand that the strain was EV71 and that it does not cause serious illness for adults. However, it can be fatal for children.

I would also be curious to know where the outbreaks have been reported.

SARS, Enterovirus, what next? I hope these problems will make us all more aware of public hygiene. I sure wish my school was cleaner.

I should have said that there have been 700 cases in northern Taiwan, and no one had died when I wrote that. But apparently three people have died of it now, all from EV71.