Entrepreneurship meet Sunday 20 September 2009

Dear All,

We will have our fourth entrepreneurship meet on Sunday September 20.

The meeting will be held at Yuma Southwestern Grill, which is located at Lane 216, Alley 11, #21 ZhongXiao East Road Section 4.

If in doubt about locations, you can call them at 02 87738895.

The meeting starts at noon, IE 12.00PM.

I am the speaker, and will be sharing my experience of starting a company in Taiwan with you all. If there are any special points you want me to touch upon, let me know, and I will be happy to do so.

I would expect the meet to last some 2 hours, and I look forward to see you all.

I’m going to try my best to get to this one. I’d particularly like to know about insurance, liabilities etc

Yeah, I should try to be there too, especially as I’ve finally gotten around to start getting things done, which I really should’ve done a long time ago, but only recently found out that it’s not as hard to do as I expected…

I’ll be there. I can give you some advices on IT, payment processing if needed.
Personally I’m interested how work out “consulting contracts” legally here (based on JFRV) while having a day job.

I’ll try to come as well

If you are going, post feedback about your experiences here. Nothing specific but just generally what you came away with. :thumbsup:

OMG, I am the one speaking, and I really do hope that people have lots of questions, IE I would after a short introduction like to make it more or a Q and A case study.

I will be there, thanks and regards Mr. He.

I’ll be there. I have a doctor’s appointment beforehand that will bring me up to Taipei and I have a few questions plus I want to try out Yuma’s :smiley: . Shame, I’ll have to miss out on my normal Burmese though. :cry:

I’m getting nerves already.

Dear Fearless Leader Mr He,

Would like to attend but not sure if I can make it as may be travelling. I just got my work permit renewed in a record 2 days. The key is to speak very polite Chinese and wear a tie. As your Chinese is better than mine, you probably don’t need to wear a tie.

Could you perhaps email those who can't attend the gist of your Q&A  advise on many issues facing small companies?

Cheers,   :notworthy:

I do not plan to prepare handouts, however I might need someone to take notes. If not, I will be happy to share it over a cup of whatever.

I’ll be there. i am looking to gain any insight into the formation of a limited company and selling overseas with a company based in Taipei. shipping and general export information would also be helpful.

I’m in, Yuma’s food has been something I wanted to taste for a while. Of course, Mr He, your entrepreneurship piqued my interest.

I can always bring my camcorder… :smiley:

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thanks folks. see you sunday

I need a cell phone no of one who’s certain to go. My missus is preggers, and it’s fairly certain that she will give birth no later than Monday. If it happens before or during the meet, I might have to cancel my appearance on a rather short notice.

I PM’ed you my number.

What! You’d prioritise your woman over us… :noway: :smiley:

Acording to the missus, I will be there.