Entrepreneurship meet Sunday 21 September 2008

Dear All,

We are re-starting the Forumosa entrepreneurship meetings with a meeting hosted by ECCT SME-centre and the Chinese Cultural University.

Date: Sunday September 21, 2008
Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Venue: Chinese Cultural University/ 中國文化大學推廣教育部Yenping South Road No. 127, Room B102./ 台北市延平南路127號B102 室

Starting a business is never easy and if you are doing it in a foreign country it is double hard. Are you a foreigner in Taiwan who has been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and want to know how to start a business? Do you have questions about how to do it, where to go, how much it will cost etc? Then the September 21 seminar is for you. Lecturer is Ann Hu from Universal CPA who has long experience and a very deep understanding of the issues facing foreign entrepreneurs in Taiwan.

Among the issues she will touch on, the following will be covered at length:

• How to incorporate in Taiwan - the issues, the costs etc.
• Corporate tax issues and local sales tax issues.
• How to get an ARC through your own business.
• Possible special rules and regulations for foreign owned companies in Taiwan.
• And much more…

On hand at the event will also be many of the ECCT SME Centre members; SME owners and managers who can tell you more about their experiences starting and running businesses in Taiwan. They can tell you more about the pitfalls and challenges they have encountered growing their businesses and how you can avoid them.

  • This event is FREE and the room can hold 108 people so spread the word, get everyone down there!

After the speech and Q&A, we will all move on to a restaurant nearby for some after speech food and drinks (at each person’s own expense).

In the past, when I asked people what kind of speaker they wanted, the reply was: An accountant. OK boys and girls, here we go, I got you one. I really hope to see you all to this meeting.


Holger/ Mr. He.

Is it ok if my girlfriend comes? Although she’s a local, she’s thinking about setting up her own business and might have some questions, can’t ask her now though as she’s on a business trip at the moment.
Oh, and I’ve already spread the word to someone I know that’s looking at setting up a new business :slight_smile:

Everybody is welcome, so I see no problems there.

Dear All - just a reminder, we will hold this meeting Sunday 2PM - ECCT SME Centre and Forumosa.comlook forward to see you.

Who are coming?

Darnit, I caught this message one day after the event.

Will these be regular?

I want to thank you to everyone who came on Sunday. And thanks to Forumosa Entrepreneur Group to arrange this meeting together with the ECCT SME Centre.

I hope you all learned something new, I know I did. Maybe the most dramatic is that the minimal capital requirement to start a company has now been lowered from 500k/1M to 250k/500k. That’s great news.

The ECCT SME Centre invites everyone to come to our next event on September 25: http://www.ecct.com.tw/index.php?option=com_attend_events&Itemid=132&task=view&id=90

We arrange workshops and events catering to foreign entrepreneurs and small business leaders nearly every month.

Take care,

It was indeed a pleasure to see that many people in attendance.

I can only recommed people to join the ECCt SME centre if they are running a small business and need extra input.

I learned a lot of new bits too, and think that I found my future accountant.

Any notes on the meet? I wanted to attend but was in the UK that weekend.