Entry restrictions regarding foreign students

Hey everyone!
I have a question regarding the entry of international students to Taiwan. I was nominated for a MOFA scholarship to attend an exchange semester in Taipei, starting in September, however at this point I still didn’t receive any info if I’ll be able to come or not. I was only told that while exchange students cannot enter Taiwan at the moment, those with a scholarship “have a higher chance” to come. Does that mean that no foreign students can travel to Taiwan right now, but that there’s a higher chance that restrictions regarding scholarship students will be lifted soon? I tried to search for some info regarding this issue online, but didn’t find almost anything useful. I’ve read a lot of news that some restrictions on foreign students were supposed to be lifted in March, however it doesn’t seem to be the case I guess. Other sources informed me that scholarship students were normally allowed to enter before. So I don’t know, it’s just all really confusing to me… Does anyone here have any info about foreign students and entry restrictions at this moment or in the near future?
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Just anecdotally, I know a friend who was able to enter as a student in the last few months. Not sure about the details though.

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If you have not already done so, you should get in touch with:

  1. The TECO office that serves your area; and
  2. The Office of International Affairs at the uni at which you are intending to go on exchange.

Emphasize the scholarship part each time.

If you can, keep us posted on what happens. I too want to know.



Which country are you from and what kind of scholarship determines the ease with which you will enter.

Obviously, allied countries have priority and the embassy tries to help as much.

Just be ready with vaccinations and medical history and all that jazz. And save up for extra expenses.